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FiOS TV service is great, Verizon customer service -- not so much

Darren Murph

Truthfully, the writing was on the wall -- after all, we've seen Verizon hit unexpected shortages on HD STBs, run completely out of Sharp AQUOS LCDs for its signup offer and create 335 new job openings in an attempt to get a handle on FiOS growth. All within three months. Now, it seems that customers are creating a hullabaloo due to all sorts of issues ranging from repeat over billings to discounts that never materialize to missing equipment. When questioned about the gripes (specifically in the Tampa Bay, FL region), Verizon's new head of operations in the area, Suri Surinder, noted that he was aware of the problems and said that fixing customer service was "a high priority." To be fair, this type of breakdown isn't uncommon when a product is so highly sought after, and from what we can tell, Verizon simply wasn't -- and still isn't -- prepared to deal with the influx of customers ditching satellite and cable to join the fiber revolution. Still, there's entirely too much competition in this space to do customers wrong -- have any of you been battling with Michael Bay's favorite programming provider over these very issues?

[Via TampaHDTV]

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