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Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending March 23rd, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

Many of you asked for it, and this week you got it, thanks to Home Media Magazine's Nielsen VideoScan numbers, we now know how the favorite HD home movie format compares to the reigning home media champion. Sure, 6 percent isn't that much, but it's more than most people thought it was, but to be fair it is only taking into account the top 20 BDs vs the top 20 DVDs. This is an interesting way to compare the two formats as seven out of the top 20 -- three in the top 10 -- DVDs aren't available on Blu-ray, but DVD has many more releases than Blu-ray, so while the angle is obviously in Blu-ray's favor, it'll become even more true, as more Blu-ray titles are released day-and-date with DVDs. Looking back at our old fight, HD DVD's last exclusive is now done and gone and as expected, HD DVD has its worst week ever, but with the recent events we only expect this to get worse, and wonder how long HMM will continue to compile results. The other indicator that it's officially over -- as if we needed another -- is the lack of a single HD DVD on the HDM top ten chart. Not even HD DVD's last exclusive could make the list, but Blu-ray's latest didn't have any problem killin' the competition as I Am Legend destroyed Disney's Enchanted by almost four to one. The other interesting thing about this week's chart is that most of the rest of the 10 ten is made up of oldies, which makes us want to know; where are all the sales?

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