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Rumor: More Tekken casting details emerge

Justin McElroy

We were delighted (and frightened) when we heard casting details for the new Street Fighter flick, but we're a little less eager to learn the stars of a Tekken movie. We guess it's largely because we have a harder time keeping the Tekken stable straight (it's the one with Pepsiman, right?). Regardless, Kung Fu Cinema says they've obtained a slew of casting details.

The site lists Kelly Overton as Christie, Luke Goss as Steve Fox (we knew that one), Gary Daniels as Bryan Fury, Candice Hillebrand as Nina Williams, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Mishima, Darrin Henson as Raven, Ian Anthony Dale as Kazuya, Cung Le as Marshall Law, Marian Zapico as Anna Williams, and the UFC's Roger "Matador" Huerta plays Miguel Rojas.

Like Street Fighter, a movie based on Tekken is a terrible, terrible idea. But if we have to watch a movie filled with SF's C-listers or Tekken's several martial artists, we're leaning towards column B.

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