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Top 20 Final Fantasy characters that should be in Dissidia

Majed Athab

Although Final Fantasy Dissidia has yet to be announced outside Japan, we're still fervently watching out for more tidbits on this hotly anticipated title. However, the last we heard about anything officially confirmed in this game was back in December, and with Nintendo coming off strong with another mixed-cameo fighter -- Super Smash Bros. Brawl -- perhaps the PSP-exclusive Dissidia has been forgotten amongst the Mario and Link duels everyone's been having. Or maybe everyone's just too enraptured in getting their FF fix from the recently released Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

In any case, we're still very excited about this next PSP exclusive from Square Enix, and wouldn't want gamers out there to forget about this megaton game. With little known about the character roster, there leaves a lot of room for speculation. So in all our best efforts, we present this Dissidia feature highlighting the top twenty Final Fantasy supporting characters we want to see in the game. Arguably, in a game like this, a good cast of playable characters is crucial; it's working for Brawl, and it'll undoubtedly go the same way for Dissidia. But why only supporting characters you might ask? Well, you'll find that out soon enough.

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