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Week O' Dell Scoops Part Deux, fini: the Latitude E-series accessories


We're closing out our Week O' Dell scoops the way it began, with Dell's new Ergo, revealed. Clearly, it's not a waffle iron or bulk food scale with LCD monitor. It's just an E-series stand supporting LCDs up to 24-inches. Sorry, but it looks like the existing Latitude D-series of docks won't work for the new Es. As such, prepare to purchase a truckload of new E-Ports to accompany your Latitude E6000 and E5000 laptops, E4300 and E4200 ultra-portables, and the semi-rugged E6400 ATG. At least the XT2 Tablet should work with the existing XT media base. All the details can be found in the gallery below.

Gallery: Week O' Dell Scoops, part deux fini: the Latitude E-series accessories | 3 Photos

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