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Xbox 360 teaches parents the art of street cred

Microsoft has done it. They've cracked the barrier between kids who game and their ill-informed parents. How you ask could they accomplish such a feat? Parental Street Cred is a new initiative from Microsoft to help parents understand the finer details of our social culture. The video above is just a small sample of the gems you'll find when you visit the site.

While some of the videos are entertaining I don't know how well parents will respond. For example, if we showed our parents these videos we may be accused of being on "the drugs." One thing is certain, Microsoft is trying their hardest to pitch the console as a safe way to include entertainment into the home and with solid family features and a steadily dropping price point we think it's an initiative worth jumping into.

Also, if the site teaches us gamers anything it's that some verbiage gets old faster than internet memes. Check out the rest of the videos after the jump.

[Thanks, Nathan T.]

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