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Ken Graffeo leaving HD marketing role at Universal, still sticking around the studio

Darren Murph

Ken Graffeo, who formerly served as executive VP of marketing before signing on as executive VP of HD strategic marketing at Universal, has decided to step down from a position that had essentially crumbled since the fall of HD DVD. Curiously enough, the bigwig noted that he wouldn't be taking on a similar role for the Blu-ray side, but did assert that he would be hanging around Universal Studios Home Entertainment. More specifically, he was quoted as saying that he would be "looking at what [his] different options are and what [his] next moves would be," which -- to be fair -- is about as canned of a response as one could hope for. Somehow, we get the feeling Ken will be quite alright, though.

[Via FormatWarCentral, image courtesy of FutureNet]

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