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Priestess Delrissa, bringing a little PvP to your PvE

Alex Ziebart

A brief glance at the Dungeons and Raids official forum last night was a bit of a surprise. The third boss in Magisters' Terrace has inspired a lot of hatred and arguing. Why is that a surprise to me? Well, it's becoming one of my favorite 5 man boss encounters in WoW! Either the QQ is going strong on the official forums, or I'm a complete and utter masochist. I'm leaning towards that second one, considering Blackheart the Inciter is my former favorite.

If you have never seen this encounter before, or don't know how it works, Eliah touches on it a bit in his Magisters' Terrace guide. Basically, it's a 5v5 arena match. You can't tank it, there are no threat tables. It's a game of control and survival. Priestess Delrissa, who is a Holy Priest, can spawn with four random friends, chosen from a pool of eight.

Those friends of hers can be any of the following:

  • Zelfan - Gan'arg Engineer
  • Kagani Nightstrike - Blood Elf Rogue
  • Ellrys Duskhallow - Blood Elf Warlock with her imp Fizzle.
  • Apoko - Broken Shaman
  • Yazzai - Ethereal Mage
  • Garaxxas - Satyr Hunter with his pet ravager, Sliver
  • Eramas Brightblaze - Blood Elf Fury Warrior
  • Warlord Salaris - Naga Arms Warrior
Everything that you think should be able to Crowd Control these guys probably can, besides Mind Control(correct me if I'm wrong). The humanoids can be Sapped, Seduced, Sheeped, Feared, and whatever else. The demons can be Banished by a Warlock or Turned by a Paladin. The only downfall of this encounter is that you want a decent amount of CC, and there is a possibility you can form a group without much of it at all. It isn't a stretch to be required to have one or even two forms of Crowd Control in your party, though.

Before I go on, I must admit that this fight is way harder if you get Warlord Salaris. Not impossible, not horrible. He just makes the fight take much more effort. He hits like a truck, Intercepts all over the place, and can spam Intimidating Shout. I'm not sure of the cooldown on his fear, but I have seen him chain it before. Not to mention he spamstrings, and Mortal Strikes cloth for about seven thousand. If you CC him you'll be just fine, but if he breaks loose for even a second or two he can turn the battle against you.

This fight is just downright exciting, I think. No tank and spank, no specific routine. My groups always clear the entire rest of the room first so we can use the entire area for kiting, fearing, all of that. Like PvP, the healers always go down first. A rush to Delrissa, move on to Apoko if we have him, then start picking apart the DPS one by one. If you have PvP gear, I recommend using it, but it isn't necessary.

As long as you don't approach this as a typical PvE encounter, it won't prove to be too difficult. If you're the tank, find other ways to be helpful like stuns, Intervene, Blessing of Freedom, or kittycat form. Be on your toes, be ready to run. Use LOS to your advantage, but don't LOS your healers. If you're having a hard time, just hang in there. The most important thing is to not become discouraged. If something isn't working for you, try something else. Change your CC targets. Change your kill order. Don't beat your head against the same thing repeatedly. Something as small as flipping your first and second kill targets can make this fight go from nearly impossible to smooth as butter.

Good luck, and I hope you guys start to enjoy this fight as much as I do!

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