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Rumor: Snowboarding game coming to XBLA


The GameTap service is known for their subscription-based, unlimited game access, style of content. When you think of them, announcements of XBLA games from Scandinavian devs is not what comes to mind. Still that is exactly the case here, with the dev being Housemarque (creators of the PSN title Super StarDust HD) and the game being an "unnamed XBLA sports title."

Now if those devs or the writer of the article truly knew how crazy we on the tubes are, they would have known not even to give that tidbit of news. As a check into the background of the company will reveal, the only genre of sports title that they've ever done before is snowboarding, bringing out Transworld Snowboarding for Xbox and Boarder Zone for the PC. And while their are a few rumblings that Housemarque is working on a golf game (and that is of course entirely possible) it seems likely given the company's past experience that XBLA is going to be getting it's first "extreme sports" game.

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