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SGW images depict spacesuits, Egyptian mythology

Samuel Axon

Outer space and Egyptology; it was out of the marriage of these two things that the original Stargate movie was born. While the popular TV series Stargate SG-1 and even more so its spinoff Stargate Atlantis have moved away from Ancient Egypt over the years to explore other mythologies or Star Trek-style science-driven-concepts like self-replicating nanobots gone mad, rest assured that the Egyptian motif is still intact in Cheyenne Mountain's MMO Stargate Worlds.

The evidence: the above, decidedly-Egyptian screenshot, which is one of four new images just released to the game's official gallery. Note the awesome-looking disintegrating moon in the sky. Sweet! To cover the outer space side of things, one of the other images depicts artist's conceptions of humans' spacesuits. The other two images: concept art of a war-torn, bunker-type area, and yet another screenshot of forest ruins.

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