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Liverpool Hope University holds open day in Second Life

Eloise Pasteur

Liverpool, in the UK, has the distinction of having three universities. According to the BBC, Liverpool Hope University, the smallest of the three, recently held an open day wholly within Second Life. Media students spent six months in Second Life building replicas of some of the buildings as well as other elements, such as their ideal student accommodation. Potential students from around the world were then able to interact with student ambassadors for the day. This activity was supported by the head of department and the head of marketing for LHU.

Although LHU will be holding a more traditional open day in June, it is exciting to see the acceptance of Second Life both as a venue in which students can be expected to work, and for such a potentially critical activity as assisting student recruitment by the university's administrators. If you would like to see their work, the Liverpool Hope sim appears to be open to the public now.

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