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Paul Scarfe's Aura classes up speaker looks

Steven Kim

We've seen some interesting loudspeaker designs, even ones employing glass. but the Aura speakers from Paul Scarfe have looks that set a high bar for un-speaker appearance. Though they look more than a little like a blender, these definitely fall on the "art" side of the fence, and specs are unfortunately thin. We're a little skeptical on how the upward-facing tweeter will do for soundstaging, despite the sketches that indicate the glass cone will project sound in a headward direction. Similarly, you'll probably want to add in a subwoofer unit as the enclosure on these beauties is a bit small. But seriously, good looks are the real reason to buy these speakers, and we've got a feeling that if you can afford them then springing for an entire second set of "high performance" gear is within your budget.

[Via HDTVReviews]

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