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Video: The Incredible Hulk breaks stuff

Dustin Burg

All ready for Edward Norton's "interesting" green giant film (no, not that green giant) The Incredible Hulk, SEGA just released the debut trailer for The Incredible Hulk video game. And for Hulk purists, you don't have to worry. SEGA didn't switch up anything too drastically seeing that it's one of those ever popular film based games. You'll still be playing a green Hulk, you'll still be strong, you'll still break stuff and you'll still be angry. Very Hulk-like, no? Watch the trailer, decide if you enjoy what you see and, while you're at it, garner an opinion for the film as well. Personally, we're giving both the movie and the game a "meh" and will be focusing our video game destruction appetite towards Prototype.

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