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Call of Duty 4 online play is 'monstrously huge'

Majed Athab

PS3 Fanboy's 2007 Game of the Year sure is a giant when it comes to online play. How huge is it? "Monstrously huge," according to Call of Duty 4 producer Mark Rubin. Although he was vague about the actual daily count of PSN CoD4 players, we imagine that the exact number shouldn't be too far behind the 1.2-1.3 million players on Xbox Live every day.

He stated that "PS3 numbers are monstrously huge. No other game has come close, either online current, or total unique users in a day." He continues to say that this trend has been carrying on for the past couple of month, seven days a week. Since Mr. Rubin can't provide a number for us, we'll have to start tallying for ourselves. How many of you are feeding the monster?

[Via Joystiq]

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