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Emergency Heroes to put out fires on Wii this May

Jason Dobson

Ubisoft has announced plans to race to the Wii scene this May with "an open world rescue driving game" called Emergency Heroes. While details remain sketchy, Ubisoft has confirmed that the game will feature two-player co-op and 16 different police, fire, and EMT vehicles to drive about while protecting the city of San Alto.

Strapped into the driver's seat on this Wii-exclusive project are both Ubisoft Barcelona and Ubisoft Reflections, the latter of which has more than a few racing games to its credit. Even so, we remain unsure of how to feel about Emergency Heroes, as while Reflections struck gold in 1999 with Driver, since then the company has become better known for having driven the franchise off a cliff with all of the gusto of a man with a death wish.

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