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T-Mobile's Sidekick iD no longer available? Confirmed!

Chris Ziegler

After what feels like an all-too-brief run on the low end of the Hiptop range, the colorful Sidekick iD has unceremoniously disappeared from T-Mobile's retail site. We don't have any intel on whether it's gone for good just yet -- we're working to confirm -- but tell us: was anyone out there, like, totally going to buy an iD today, only to discover (much to your horror, of course) that it had been removed? Please, do share your horror stories with us in comments while we're getting the lowdown on the situation.

[Thanks, Mike]

Update: We've heard back from T-Mobile, and it's true -- the iD is no longer being manufactured, though if you're really lucky, we understand that you still might be able to score one from a store that has some remaining stock. Good luck, shoppers!

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