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DS helps you get your parenting on


Folks, say hello to the next quirky gazillion-seller to emerge from Japan. Sukusuku Kosodate DS might be just another training game, but it also happens to be one with a potentially huge audience: parents. Yes, Sukusuku Kosodate DS tells you how to look after another, littler human being, and comes with 176 suggestions on how to play with and entertain your child.

As the shots above show, these include scaring your sprog senseless by pretending to be a ghost (and then making it all better with a hug), fashioning a "tail" for yourself and getting your kid to chase you, and doing ... some trick with a ... handkerchief? The title also comes with a selection of songs, a picture book, and a journal for keeping precious childhood memories, which in turn can be dragged out in their teenage years for maximum embarrassment in front of friends. It's what parents are for, eh?

[Via Siliconera]

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