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Finally, an outlet for your moogle-painting skills


Square Enix wants you to paint your wagon moogle in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, and they're offering fabulous prizes in return! From April 4th through May 5th, the official Ring of Fates website will accept your custom Moogle Paint jobs. The Moogles will be eligible to compete in one of three categories: Most Fashionable Moogle, Best Culture Moogle or Freestyle Moogle. Freestyle Moogle is just a wildcard-type category, and not necessarily Moogles drawn to look like X-Games competitors. Though if you want to draw some Mountain Dew logos on the little guys, that's probably fine.

Prizes include stickers, signed art, and a "Moogle stained-glass mascot." We wonder if it will come pre-painted?


[Via press release]

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