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Five MMOs better than World of Warcraft - Part 3


Some call Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online a cheap imitation of World of Warcraft, but aside from some similarity in the UI, it really isn't.

There is little magic, healing is spread out among several classes, and every class fights. Each player works together to build weak attacks to stronger ones, choosing them according to their needs and waiting for the correct group combos to appear which can instantly turn sure defeat into triumphant victory. The dungeons are incredibly challenging for people their level, and you must constantly be on your toes, thinking far ahead to be sure the attacks you need to use in ten seconds are being built up now.

Where Lord of the Rings Online really shines, though, is in its lore. How could any story be greater than that of the Lord of the Rings? You can walk where the Fellowship walked; clear their way, or help from behind the scenes. Without your aid, the Ring would fall to the Enemy. As you move through the story – and there is one, a strong one – the world changes. A town is burned and rebuilt; a powerful friend and ally is turned; the wizards of the land try to push back the darkness.

first expansion will open the Mines of Moria to adventurers. WoW has its share of lore, but will anything compare to sneaking past the Well of the Watcher and staring out at the vastness of the Hall of Kings? If lore and story is why you play WoW, you need to come to Middle-earth for awhile.

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