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Golden Sun creators hint at new RPG


In an interview about We Love Golf, IGN asked Camelot's Takahashi brothers about a possible new entry in their popular Nintendo-published RPG series, Golden Sun. The temptation for us to say "THEY TOTALLY CONFIRMED IT" today is overwhelming, but no -- just like every developer ever, they offered vague, noncommittal hints.

"Just like how we said our staff has been hoping to create new RPGs, we are definitely in the planning stages of doing something interesting. We hope that you will be looking forward to our future game. We ourselves are looking forward to the next Camelot RPG as well, just like you."

So they're planning a new RPG of some kind, for some platform, to be revealed in the future -- and Camelot thinks it's going to be pretty neat. That's significantly more than devs will usually let slip. Although they didn't even really say that they were planning an RPG.

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