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Happy (belated) 10th birthday to StarCraft


We know better than to upset StarCraft's Queen of Blades, the femme fatale Sarah Kerrigan, so we brought delicious and moist cake to apologize for celebrating the game's 10th birthday a day late. Blizzard posted a little note yesterday that on March 31, 1998, it gave birth to a little RTS called StarCraft ... and Korea would never be the same again.

Blizzard states that StarCraft has sold 9.5 million copies since release and admits a considerable amount of those sales occurred in South Korea, where the game continues to "enjoy unprecedented levels of popularity." Back in '98, StarCraft was revolutionary for introducing three distinct races, solid multiplayer supported by Blizzard's and a variety of other things we pretty much now take for granted. StarCraft II is expected whenever Blizzard gets around to releasing it -- yup, that's the best way to put it.

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