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HKO Arena Maps revealed: Happy Fun Cafe and Strawberry Smile Garden

Zach Yonzon

New Arena maps have been announced for Hello Kitty Online Island Adventure's Arena system, which was created to cater particularly to the cutesy-anime-loving PvP players. In a statement released to the public, Sanrio corporation said that it was "taking its lead from a more popular MMORPG which has started to design its game around Arenas." Sanrio notes that the increasing popularity of Arenas indicate that this is the direction that MMOs will be taking for the future, and they believe that building an Arena system for Hello Kitty Online will make the game future-proof.

However, Sanrio is quick to note that their Arena system is superior by sheer virtue of the options available in each map, which requires more strategy than the other MMORPG. The first two maps revealed are called the Happy Fun Café and Strawberry Smile Garden maps, each having its unique features and strategic advantages. The Happy Fun Cafe map features a bar/counter at the center of the map which can be used to abuse line-of-sight spells and abilities. Players may also interact with the pastry and refreshments on the counter in order to use them as weapons or consumables. Sanrio believes that this kind of innovative map system will push the envelope of Arena play.

Learn more about the second map, Strawberry Smile Garden, after the jump.

Strawberry Smile Garden is the second Hello Kitty Online Arena map that Sanrio believes will encourage players to be more creative in PvP. The center of the map holds a unique water system where players can hide or even drink, provided they have the Magical Water Tabo that can be bought from the HKO item mall. Players with the Fruit Picking talent can also pick random strawberries all over the map, which provide different buffs such as Increased Cuteness and Too Much Pink Screen.

Sanrio believes that the potential for HKO Arena PvP is huge, in fact even bigger than other games. The PvP system promises to be more robust and because Hello Kitty online isn't concerned about class balance but focuses instead on the cute factor, Sanrio foresees no problems about whining players.

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