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KEF hatches KHT2005.3 HTIB speakers

Steven Kim

Given that HTIB systems are typically intended for a convenience- and style-minded crowd, you'd think that better naming schemes would be in order. We're afraid that lots of potential customers might see KHT2005.3 and think it's been around since year 2005. Not the case -- it's the third revision of KEF's Home Theater 2005 series. As such, we're pressed to find lots of changes in the refresh -- the egg-shaped satellites look to be the same 4-inch mid and 0.75-inch tweeter in KEF's Uni-Q arrangement. The subwoofer, however, looks like it's changed to a KUBE-2 unit that features a 10-inch driver coupled with a 10-inch radiator, all backed by a 200-Watt class-D amp. The previous model KHT2005.2 is a well-regarded setup (especially for HTIB), so if you're not into "rolling your own" then give these a listen -- we bet you could do a lot worse for $1299 MSRP.

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