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One Shots: A tranquil panorama

Today we'd like to bring you a fantastic image that we've been saving for just the right occasion. Considering just how much insanity is raging across the Internet both within the blogosphere and on game sites, we felt it would be a wonderful time to bring you this peaceful, tranquil image. Today's One Shots is a panoramic view of Lord of the Rings Online carefully assembled and sent to us by Jose! This was actually done under DX9, which does reduce shadowing, but does not reduce any of the loveliness of this shot. So, when you need a moment of downtime to relax and just enjoy some lovely scenery, check out today's fabulous panoramic! (Also available in full-size for your viewing pleasure.)

Do you have an artistic or beautiful screenshot that you've snagged? If so, we'd love to see it! Just send it in to us at oneshots AT massively DOT com, along with whatever information you'd like to tell us about it. Your screens could be featured here next!

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