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Sony BMG busted for software piracy in France

Nilay Patel

Ouch, that payback, it can be a bitch -- Sony BMG, distributors of rootkit-installing CDs and litigious foe of P2P users worldwide, has just been busted in France for using pirated software on its servers. And it gets even worse: Windows admin tool developer PointDev says a Sony BMG was caught when an IT staffer actually called up for support and gave a pirated license number to the phone tech. That's some pretty shady behavior for a company that's rammed anti-piracy measures down its own customers' throats -- too bad it's probably not going to feel the hit of the €300,000 ($475,000) lawsuit nearly as hard as the college students it routinely sues for $5,000.

[Via ZeroPaid, thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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