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Sprint hits back with the Samsung Instinct

Nilay Patel

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See that? That's the Samsung Instinct, due to hit Sprint in June. Better get used to it, because Sprint's about to start hyping it with the biggest marketing push in its history -- it's going to drop some $100M on this lil' guy. Of course, there's no escaping the comparison to a certain other touchscreen candybar phone, and Sprint's not backing down from a fight -- it's just being willfully obtuse, saying that while the Instinct wasn't developed in response to the iPhone, the company recognized that it needed "a product from a usability standpoint that can compete." Um, sure. Samsung and Sprint worked together to simplify the UI, which features a reconfigurable home screen, music, and TV features, but we're going to hold off judgment until we get a look at the browser in person a little later. One more shot after the break.

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