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WoW Insider is back, HKO Insider canceled

Mike Schramm

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Apparently HKO Insider hasn't worked out as well as we originally thought it would. After a day full of covering Hello Kitty Online, readers have sent us an overwhelming message: they love WoW Insider, and World of Warcraft is the game we all want to see covered.

So you get your wish: starting right now, WoW Insider has returned, and HKO Insider is no more. And none too soon -- our writers, especially Rossi, who would rather wrestle a tiger than write about the Flower Kingdom, were planning a revolt if we didn't change the site format back. And our poll this afternoon pretty conclusively showed what you all felt about the changeover.

So we're changing things back. From now on, we'll stay WoW Insider, and be your number one source for news and views about World of Warcraft and the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion. From classes to professions to strategy and community news, we'll only cover World of Warcraft all day every day, from level 1 to 80 and beyond.

Unless, that is, they create a Spongebob MMO anytime soon...

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