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April Fools' in Age of Conan


We should've known those merry pranksters at Funcom wouldn't let the day go by without something. Age of Conan is best-known for its Barbarians, of course, but did you know that there were elves to be played as well?

According to the site, 'Their graceful nature and beautiful appearance will often garner a few coin from passers-by simply by existing, and elves are granted first access to all taverns in the land, while others may have to wait for an instance to open up just to get in, and their exclusive, elf-only tree cities provide a relaxing respite from a wearying world.' So basically, elves are the celebrities of Hyboria. What else is new?

For extra points, make sure you check out the elf character creation video at the bottom of the page!

[Thanks, Rollins!]

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