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April Fools' in DDO


The pranks continue with the last place you'd expect to see bling: Dungeons and Dragons Online. Fans of tricked-out rides can now get their smoove on in DDO with 'Pimp My Warforged'! That's right, no longer do you have to labor under the drab and dull colors of battle-hardened plate mail and boots so dusty you could write 'wash me' in them; get classy!

But not only will you look good; you also get bonuses to gameplay with your pimpin' character: try out the new Skill: Pneumatics -- it lets you go up and down! Or the new enhancement Slow Your Roll, that keeps your 20-sided from tipping over onto the 1! It's all there for your reading pleasure. Just make sure you have the cash to pay for all this -- ground effects ain't cheap!

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