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EA scraps Madden '09 on PC


American Football fans will have to turn to one of of their consoles or portables to get their next Madden fix, as Peter Moore has revealed EA's cancellation of Madden '09 on PC, citing "serious business challenges" in releasing sports titles on home computers.

The title will still appear on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, DS and PSP, leaving PC Madden fans feeling a bit left out. Moore notes that Madden '09 is not the only PC title receiving the axe, and that it represents a larger decision by EA Sports to cut back on their number of PC releases. It's unknown if EA will continue to release future versions of Madden on the PC, or if this is the end of Madden on the PC altogether. Luckily, gamers can still experience the latest iteration of EA's flagship sports franchise on a plethora of platforms. Just not on the computer.

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