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Emotiva ER 5.0 speakers get reviewed

Steven Kim

There's udio lot to be said for speakers that are designed to work well together in your AV setup. And if you hang around internet forums for a while, you'll come across internet-only speaker companies that promise tremendous value; but can you trust the interwebs? Judging by the full and exhaustive review by Audioholics, you can when it comes to internet-direct vendor Emotiva's upcoming ER 5.0 speaker system. They may not have been wowed by the aesthetics, but once the lights went down and the sound went up, the system acquitted itself quite nicely. For $1250, you get three monitors across the front and two bipolar/dipolar speakers in the back; well-assembled and including real-world usable features like boundary compensation and tweeter response adjustments. The system did well on the test bench, too, turning in some respectably flat curves. It's always refreshing to see what good design can do with 5.25-inch woofers, 1-inch tweeters and sealed enclosures. Hit the link for the full review.

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