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Eyes-on with the Verizon XV6900 and HTC Touch Dual

Chris Ziegler

A quick visit to HTC's CTIA outpost yielded dividends in the form of two little gems announced this week: the American version of the HTC Touch Dual and the Verizon XV6900, a bleached Touch with a Verizon logo slapped in place of the Sprint one. Both of these phones are rehashes of existing products, and there's really very little to say about them -- other than a heartfelt "yippee," we suppose, seeing how they're both intended for 3G in North American markets. We really enjoyed the appearance of the XV6900 -- white's definitely a color that suits it well, and while the bright shell's probably going to keep it out of the office, we think Verizon might have a consumer-market smartphone winner on its hands. You know the drill: click on!

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