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Forthcoming TiVo software update promises faster operations

Darren Murph

If you've been doing a decent job of restraining yourself from hurling all sorts of foreign objects around the house due to the sluggishness in your TiVo's operations, you should certainly reward yourself with a baked good. Moving forward, you'll likely be tested a lot less, as a forthcoming software update (version .8) promises to "significantly" speed up common tasks. More specifically, getting to TiVo Central, navigating around your Now Playing list, channel changing, starting a recording, and setting up a Season Pass have all been tweaked to react faster (exact improvements shown above). Additionally, TiVo users will soon have access to a so-called Priority Page on the firm's website where they can "sign up for this service update sooner than the scheduled rollout," which should occur naturally in "the next few weeks."

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