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Joystiq's April Fools' Day solutions guide

Ross Miller

Did you enjoy our French Reference Day? We thought it'd be a fun way to celebrate the first of April. For those that missed it, in every post yesterday we included some reference to France, French language or French culture*. Feel free to take a look for yourself and try to catch 'em all. For all the answers, peep below the break. Be sure to check out our gallery of April Fools' shenanigans, as well.

* Note: Just to be extra clear (because we sometimes need to be), Joystiq is not based in France.

Pictures (solutions in gallery)
Chocobo's Dungeon kweh-ming to North America in July
Alert #6: The Great Webcomic Switcheroo
Rare offers (mostly fake) Banjo Kazooie plots
Alert #8: Kia launches a Wii-driven car
Steam adding Assassin's Creed, over 40 other titles from Ubisoft
Alert #10: Wii Sports on iPhone and utter obsolescence
Alert #11: Bungie 's Mister Chief visible from the (virtual) stars
Stormfront Studios shutting down
Alert #15: A potpourri of nonsense
Today in Joystiq: April 1, 2008

This week, you probably Do Know Jack - Sacre Bleu!
GameTap Thursday: Mardi kicks up DiRT and Pop-A-Tronic Warlords - Qu'est-ce que c'est?
Reminder: Xbox Live scheduled for maintenance - S'il vous plaît
Alert #1: Blizzard adds bards, brings WoW to consoles - zut alors
Is 'Ice Rage' the next Mortal Kombat game ... or a prank? - les incompetent
Alert #2: The Double Bass controller - Val d'Isere
Alert #3: Legend of Zelda movie by IGN - La Belle et la Bête
Joystiq impressions: Iron Man (Xbox 360) - coup de grâce
Alert #4: Xbox 360 Wireless Helmet, The Board Game, Vintage Edition, et al - faux pas
GTA IV cleared by BBFC, 'no cuts made' - la petite mort
Alert #5: Super Pii Pii Brothers - érotique
Rumor: Lite-On bringing Blu-ray drives to 360 - tête-à-tête
Final Fantasy IV coming to North America ... maybe - mon cher
The best of WoW Insider: March 26-31, 2008 - très populaire
Xbox 360 nearing two million sold in UK - prologue
Metal Gear Solid 4, Assassin's Creed find love on the battlefield - mise en scène
Happy (belated) 10th birthday to StarCraft - femme fatale
Alert #9: Middle-Earth invaded by fowl creatures - de riguer
ESRB launches ratings widget - Madame
Counting Rupees: The business of politics - rendez-vous
Harmonix confirms 'Still Alive' will be free 'indefinitely' - Let them eat cake! (origins of the misattributed quote)
Alert #12: Rock Band Kart 2008 - raison d'être
Guitar Hero III squeezes out version for BlackBerry - oeuvre
April Fools pranks that make Nintendo fans cry - amies
Alert #13: 3D, physics-based Tetris on WiiWare - mélange
Alert #14: How the MMOs get their prank on - gros

Something More Subtle
Alert #7: Chris Tucker in GTA IV - Click on the link in the first paragraph to see Chris Tucker in a very French locale.
Call of Duty 4 map pack delayed a week, now hitting XBL April 10 - Click on the [Via X3F] link and note where it takes you.

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