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The VC Advantage: The Meijin Advantage


At last week's Hudson WiiWare event, two very awesome things were displayed: 1) Hudson's awesome WiiWare games, and 2) Hudson's spokesperson and mascot, Takahashi Toshiyuki, known to the world as Takahashi Meijin ("Famous Takahashi"). He's managed to carve out quite a career for himself based on his ability to jiggle his index finger sixteen times a second.

He first came into the public eye for being awesome at Star Soldier, which, in the days of the Hudson Shooting Caravan (a national, traveling shooter competition put on by Hudson), was a big deal. Hudson even began selling a device called the Shooting Watch that gauged your button presses per second. Beat 16 and you've beaten the Meijin! (You can simulate the Shooting Watch experience on the DS, or pick up a miniature version from Play-Asia).

Why do we bring up Takahashi now? Star Soldier R on WiiWare is based around the idea of the Shooting Caravan, with timed challenges designed to test your skill in a short period. Unlike previous Shooting Caravan games, you'll be able to compete from home, thanks to Wi-Fi leaderboards. With the competition opened up so, the next Takahashi Meijin could pop up any time now, from anywhere.

Both Super Star Soldier and Soldier Blade on the Virtual Console feature timed "Caravan Modes," so you can start training your reflexes, and your index fingers, now. Or you could get a Hori Periborg Ore-Commander and become a Takahashoid cyborg.

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