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A year (and change) of Virtually Overlooked


Sure, it's been more than a year since the first Virtually Overlooked column on February 22nd of last year, but then Virtually Overlooked is about more than what's currently available on the Virtual Console. Eh? Eh? It's virtually a year of Virtually Overlooked. Think of it this way, more VO columns makes for more value now, because we've been able to present more stuff at once in this feature.

In that year-plus of columns, we've successfully predicted six games that would end up on some region's Virtual Console, and one awesome one that is about to:
  1. Ninja Spirit: The only bad part about Ninja Spirit coming out is that it means we can't write more Virtually Overlooked about it. The good part is that Ninja Spirit still exists! Also, now it's accessible.
  2. J.J. & Jeff: Since we told people that it was great, it has come out to overwhelmingly unfavorable response. We don't understand why people who love Wonder Boy and Adventure Island would so vehemently hate the same thing when it's about two idiots in suits instead of one kid in a grass skirt.
  3. Super Mario Bros. 2: It's hard to believe that a major Mario series game was ever absent from the Virtual Con-- oh, wait, Yoshi's Island. Aw, now we're sad.
  4. River City Ransom: Both Japan and Europe have it now, and all we can do is cry BARF! (and play the NES cartridge). Expect a major freakout upon U.S. release.
  5. Renegade: Actually, this one can stay in Japan. That's fine.
  6. StarTropics: Not only is this one out (to Alisha's delight), you have a shot at getting it for free!
  7. Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo: Just announced for Japan, this is probably the most-wanted game from the PC Engine's lineup. It's definitely the most-wanted by us. Castlevania is serious business.
Not every Virtually Overlooked has been a success, however ... unless you consider just talking about awesome (or not awesome, but interesting) old games a "success." Which we do!

We've collected the whole set of VO columns in an easily navigable interface, ready for your random browsing. Each entry in the gallery features a boxart and an excerpt from that game's column, along with a link to the full column. Just click on Nora to check it out!

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