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IGN goes hands-on with Deadly Creatures, survives


Deadly Creatures seems to be marketed as a kind of nature-survival-horror thing, but it's closer to the "quirky" territory that we love, being an action-platformer about non-cutesy, non-personified insects. IGN's Matt Casamassina playtested Rainbow Studios' bizarre game, taking away some details about the scorpion's controls.

The scorpion's pincers are controlled with the Z and B buttons, and are capable of combo attacks. A locks on to enemies, and C puts the scorpion into a blocking stance (do scorpions have blocking stances?) The Z and B buttons also activate finishing moves, which are carried out through Wiimote and Nunchuk motions -- No More Heroes is already exerting influence! The scorpion learns further motion-controlled moves along the way, as well.

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