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IGN reveals then unreveals Skate

Candace Savino

Oddly, IGN announced that EA's Skate would be coming to the Wii and DS, but then pulled the article soon after. It seems as if EA wasn't ready for this announcement to be made, although now it's a little too late -- the evidence is on Google.

While there's a small chance that this announcement was a mistake, or a belated April Fools' joke, we're going to make the safe bet that an official announcement on the game, to be called Skate It!, will be coming soon.

We also find the timing of this announcement interesting. It doesn't surprise us that EA would try to capitalize on its franchise by bringing it to Nintendo systems, but why bring Skate to the Wii after all this time? Could it be because the Balance Board will soon be available with the release of Wii Fit? We think so.

[Via Destructoid]

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