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IOKA Theater rolls out red carpet for smaller films

Steven Kim

In lots of towns, movies that fall under the indie/art/foreign/other genre get shoehorned into facilities with equipment can be kindly described as "charming." We've sat in our share of screenings of smaller films where the setup was obviously in need of some updating -- dim projectors, battered film, torn screens, intermittent audio, etc. But the IOKA Theater in Exeter, New Hampshire is looking to treat fan of off-the-beaten track cinema to a first class facility. The IOKA has partnered up with Emerging Pictures and will treat its indie offerings to the whole HD enchilada. The theater has brought in a new HD digital projector, a new screen and a new audio setup. It sounds like the 93-year-old facility is getting the kind of gear makeover that we all lust after, and kudos are due for bringing this refresh to non-blockbuster offerings. Readers in the area, please let us know how this gem shines once the curtain rises in May!

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