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Offset your sin footprint with

Jem Alexander

We know that playing Condemned 2 is a brutal, blunt experience and it seems that Sega does too. allows you to balance your karma by "offsetting the evil" much like you would with your carbon footprint. Thankfully, offsetting evil doesn't cost a penny - instead you simply need to explore the sickly sweet saturday-morning cartoon of a website.

Once there you can make yourself feel less wicked by playing a ridiculous flash game involving helping horses across a river. Don't worry if they fall in, though. They still love you! If that's not for you then explore the Forest of Fairy Flowers, with hidden links to sites which will teach you to dance or show videos of the Teletubbies. There's plenty more content to reduce your sin footprint included on the site. If you can handle it, that is.

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