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T-Mobile sends iPhone pricing through the floor in Germany

Chris Ziegler

Significant reductions in handset pricing are frequently harbingers of their imminent discontinuation -- or, at the very least, a sign that the affected phones have fallen off their high horses and into midrange anonymity. Calling the iPhone "anonymous" really doesn't do it justice, admittedly, but the fact that T-Mobile Germany's new pricing plans can net you an 8GB model for a scant €99 (about $155) on contract is an interesting move any way you slice it. The blowout price is only obtainable by signing up for the "Complete XL" plan, which runs €89 a month (about $139) and includes 1,000 minutes, 300 texts, and unlimited EDGE and use of T-Mobile's WiFi hotspots. Is it all a sign that they're looking to cut down on inventory ahead of the inevitable?

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