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    Walk Hard's BD-Live features get tested on Sony's PS3

    Darren Murph

    Shortly after finding out what kind of extras would be available on the BD-Live-enabled Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story release, the folks over at The Man Room were able to snag a pre-release copy and give it a whirl on Sony's recently updated-to-Profile 2.0 PlayStation 3. Unfortunately, "slow" was the term of the day. From the initial four minute wait until the BD-Live menu appeared to the four to five minute pause as each "Coxologist featurette" downloaded (in SD, no less), we quickly learned that patience was paramount. Even worse, an HD trailer took 18 minutes to grab on a DSL connection, and there's no apparent way to stream the content versus downloading it in full before watching. Nah, we're not giving up hope just yet, but feel free to hit the read link for a look at just how rough around the edges the whole thing seems right now.

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