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Why use the DualShock 3 when you have the Space Navigator?

Nick Doerr

Sure, the DualShock 3 is hitting stores in a matter of days in North America, but what other peripherals are out there you should totally be using on the PlayStation 3? How about an intense 3D mouse intended for graphic artists and manipulating Google Earth? Enter the Space Navigator: essentially, it works like any mouse peripheral for the PS3.

You can use it to scroll around the XMB, surf the web, or whatever. It just looks a lot cooler than a normal mouse and since it isn't a PS3 controller, impresses friends when you mysteriously have the ability to access things on the PS3 whilst your controllers charge in plain view. Apparently, the buttons on the Space Navigator have the same effect as the X and O buttons on the DualShock 3. This means you could probably use this (or an ugly, normal mouse) for simple games like Everyday Shooter or PixelJunk Monsters. Sort of. Still -- there are a ton of peripherals that work on the PS3 and it's good to see yet another in action.

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