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Call of Duty 4 map pack going live in 30 minutes

Justin McElroy
Infinity Ward spokesman "fourzerotwo" (or Robert Bowling, to his parents) has announced that the new Call of Duty 4 map pack will arrive at 6:30 PST, or 9:30 EST or, to put it in terms we can all appreciate: In 30 minutes. So watch a video or flip through the gallery, do whatever you have to do to prepare yourself. What's that sound like blood pumping out of your ears? That's you getting totally, absolutely pumped. ... Oh, also, there's blood pumping out of your ears. We should probably get you to a doctor. Think we can be back in a half hour? Come to think of it, can you drive yourself?

Once the maps drop (and you part with 800 points/$10) try to pull yourself away for a few minutes to come back and share your thoughts.

[Thanks, Lucas]

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