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Colorware, Photoshop, or iPhone 2?

Chris Ziegler

Okay, let's just say this upfront: if this were real, it would've been lawyered into oblivion by now; Apple would've done everything in its power to make sure that every last trace of the image had been wiped off the interwebs. Be that as it may, we still think this image of a Photoshopped or physically modded iPhone (or both) makes for an interesting jumping-off point for discussion over the inevitable materialization of the so-called iPhone 2 in the near future: what do you want it to look like? We know 3G is in the cards, but we really haven't spent a lot of time obsessing over what physical changes could / should be in store. So yeah, let's all go ahead and get into it -- meanwhile, we'll be over here in the corner with our already black, already 3G, already open N95 8GB trying to figure out why Creatures of the Deep is an N-Gage launch title.

[Via Boy Genius Report]

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