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Crapgadget: creepy angel phone, egg MP3 player, sucker web cam, more

Nilay Patel

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It's taken a few months for our post-CES Crapgadget hangover to fade, but we're back, and we're falling off the wagon with gusto -- or at least fear, because this evil angel-baby phone is creeping us out. Check 'em all out in the links below, but don't linger too long before casting your vote for the crappiest -- this stuff's been known to take an eye out.


Read - USB card reader with clock and thermometer: Nothing hides a card reader like a crappy digital clock!
Read - Crystal ball USB hub: How are you supposed to see into the future when Nemo's in the way?
Read - Marble egg MP3 player: 1000 songs, awkwardly bulging from your pocket.
Read - Mini sucker web cam: Nothing ever happens in that part of the screen anyway.
Read - Angel baby phone: Someone sat down and decided this was worth making. That might be scarier.
Read - Vacuum cleaner mouse: Cleanest mousepads in town, guv'nor!

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