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Dome-on with the Garmin nuviphone


Pretty? We think so, Garmin's nüviphone is set to -- once it actually lands, that is -- bring a handset to market that thinks GPS first, phone after. Of course, this handset is no slouch in the tech-goodie department, featuring quad-band GSM, tri-band HSDPA, Bluetooth, a 3 megapixel shooter, and a gorgeous 3.5-inch touchscreen. The nüviphone includes maps of Europe, North America, or both, real-time traffic, weather, local events, gas prices, and the like. No word on pricing or release date, but believe us when we say we'll be keeping our eyes wide open watching for this one. Sadly the only specimen we could manage to find was this version that refused to come out of its acrylic bubble, so if the pics in the gallery below look a wee bit odd, that's why.

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