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GTA IV edited for Australia


The Age reports Australia's MA15+ rated Grand Theft Auto IV is an edited version of the game. Rockstar confirmed that it made a special edition of the game to comply with the Australia's classification system, which currently does not have an R18+ rating. Rockstar refused to comment on what content had been cut from the game.

If past issues with the Aussies are any indication, Rockstar may have had to remove some mclovin. GTA III needed to remove the prostitutes for classification in 2001 and GTA:Vice City also required editing. GTA: San Andreas received an MA15+ until, well ... you know. We're following up with Rockstar to find out what's missing from the Australian version, just because it seems silly for the company not to say it's something simple like picking up hookers. Even Germany's USK gave the game an 18+ rating, so it obviously didn't set off their violence alarms and trigger the group's non-rating limbo maneuver. What are the Aussies going to miss out on when GTA IV launches April 29?

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