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'Thief' is that you? Eidos Montreal project begins with 'T'

Jason Dobson

While Eidos Montreal continues to turn out code that will eventually become Deus Ex 3, the studio has apparently found enough time to work towards a second project, something beginning with the letter "T." Of course, Tomb Raider is the obvious conclusion, but that series is well in hand at Eidos studio Crystal Dynamics, leaving us scratching our heads wondering just what the Montreal devs could be up to.

One possible conclusion is Thief, a series that has lurked in the shadows since 2004's Ion Storm-developed second sequel Thief: Deadly Shadows, and while this is enough to get us excited to find out more, the project could just as easily be a game based on Tiny Toons...which come to think of it would be pretty cool too.

[Thanks TheSabin]

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