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WRUP: Out like a lion edition

Mike Schramm

(Because, you know, we came in like a lamb.) Yes, March is over and we are a full week into the fourth month of 2008 -- time flies when you're having fun with MMO games. It's Friday, so it's time once again for us to query: What aRe yoU Playing?

Massively's own Kyle Horner says he's back in Mythos as a level 11 Cyclops Bloodletter, and has also been digging on Whirled lately, "creating rooms" or whatever you do in there. I've found myself back in World of Warcraft, doing the Sunwell dailies on my main, while also leveling my 62 Hunter up to the level cap (R6V2 is also getting a good bit of play from me -- love hunting terrorists). And Krystalle Voecks, co-lead at Massively, is still playing EVE -- she recently joined up with EVE University and is still mining and dabbling in PvP and missions.

So tell us: what are you playing in the world of MMOs? Does Tabula Rasa still have your fancy or has Patch 2.4 pulled you back to Azeroth? What are you, dear readers, interested in playing lately?

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